If you never have the need to switch the channels individually, this won’t be a problem for you. In fact I have tried also -c 3 and -c 5 and always only the first 2 channels are non-zero. Does nothing for what goes through the Mic capture switch. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Tags audio , drivers , enterprise , fedora , sound Thread Tools.

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This is a digital input for an external wavetable synthesizer. The work around is to set the left channel first, then fix the right channel if it changes. Post by tomasz motylewski I have seen that alsa-driver The CSB has no internal wavetable synthesizer.

The current state of the following five switches is displayed correctly when gnome-volume-control is liunx, but they are never updated to reflect external changes: Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? Anyway, if anyone can help, it would be super appreciated!

Turning capture on will route the analog output to the Capture mixer. Only the Capture fader works in the “Capture” view.

How to Enable CS audio codec using AC97 on | NXP Community

Obviously, if you use a capture bypass switch when recording multiple inputs, you must now depend on the other input faders to adjust your mix. Find More Posts by lymond6. You may notice a dead spot when adjusting the fader, where the sound gets softer and then louder again. Don’t unmute Digital Loopback when the capture switch for Master Digital is on. In theory they should all get along with each other, responding to your commands, and displaying the current state of the CSB’s mixer. Unmuting Master Digital sends the audio to the analog output mixer.


On at least one t23 mine the ALSA intel8x0 driver plays sound too fast. In this section we get into the nuts and bolts of the CSB mixer. It doesn’t hurt to leave unmuted any or all of the sources that you normally listen to, and their faders adjusted appropriately.

AC ’97 and HD Audio Codecs

But with the added flexibility comes added complexity, and sometimes a bit of confusion. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. This means that only one sound stream can be played at any time.

This works best linjx recording only analog sources. For instance, CD is the proper source to select if your player application uses the analog output from your CD drive.

Others will find them confusing, since they don’t actually mute anything, if both are not “muted” sound can still be heard, and the levels can be raised externally while the indication is that it is “muted”. If you are capturing analog inputs and wish to monitor the digital audio being recorded, you would mute the analog inputs and unmute Digital Loopback. Post by Takashi Iwai Post by tomasz motylewski cs499 this suggests autodetection should be possible. If you have capture on for Analog Loopback, and unmute both Digital Loopback and Master Digital, you will create a feedback loop.


Here is information on some of the controls, including the range for each fader, a description of the control’s use, and additional notes.

Alsa Opensrc Org – Independent ALSA and linux audio support site

One works; the other is dead. No individual switching of stereo channels see above.

Good luck, Steve Last edited by lymond6; at Master Digital is an analog input? They merely set the levels temporarily to zero without moving the indicators and restore them to the indicated level when unmuted. I hope this helps, the forum has helped me a lot, I’d be thrilled if I could do something here for someone else.

But some applications read the music digitally from the drive and send it to the PCM input of the mixer. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free.

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