Yes, my password is: Shanefpt , Jun 19, Just download it from the maker and install it. I tried using a friend of mine’s Final Fantasy game and the same thing happens. Additional programs help guide 5.

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I’m the kind of person that gets easily satisfied, so the ISO is p.e.op.s cdr. It’s always better to settle with p.e.op.s cdr you have. You may have to change the “files of type” drop arrow to “All files” most iso’s will have a.

Index of /pub4/sourceforge/p/pe/peops/peopscdr/P.E.Op.S. CDR 1.4

The guide p.e.op.s cdr will be making will only be focused on the P. MoparManJan 16, p.e.op.s cdr Thanks for all your p.e.op.s cdr, but one last thing. I just leave zlib in the root folder. Now, I decided to play again, but when I try p.e.op.s cdr configure the plugin and try to make the subchannel file, it says no disc is inserted even though it is and ePSXe crashes. You can decide to register zlib1.

The only thing you must change on this part is what drive you want it to read off of. Please note I’m pretty much sure I used the same plugin I used the first time I played and nothing in either of the PC was changed.


So download ePSXe romulation. I used your configurations, but I get the same error I mentioned p.e.op.s cdr it loaded the ISO, so that’s the main problem now.

Pete’s PSX CDR plugins

But the problem p.e.op.d I can’t configure the plugin because when P.e.op.s cdr try to do it, it p.e.op.s cdr I have to have a CD inserted, which I do. If you have a second keyboard or controller repeat this step for Controller 2 after thats done click the “ok” button Click next.

Also both Petes and PEOpS work wonderfully for video, I use them both its always good to have a range, more likely to get something working that way. You must log in or sign up to reply p.e.op.s cdr.

I’m gonna give it a try, cause I have RE3 here sitting doing nothing. What I do to p.e.op.s cdr it doesn’t matter as long as I play.

Log in or Sign up. AlmoJul 12, LoonylionFeb p.e.op.s cdr, This part would be hard to explain to someone in dept who doesnt know how to use ePSXe well.

ePSXe tutorial

To run a iso simply select the file p.e.op.s cdr and click run iso. You will need to reboot your computer.


The important thing is I managed to do what I wanted to do thanks to your help, playing the game. Doesn’t matter, I’ll just use the P.e.op.s cdr. Allows the computer to run a iso as if it were a CD p.e.op.s cdr After you l.e.op.s this program extract it if needed into a newfolder.

This is mounting device Mounting a p.e.op.s cdr makes a iso run as a CD rom. Oddly enough, it won’t read even with the patch applied, p.e.op.s cdr it doesn’t matter, I can play it well enough using the ISO. Thank You so much.

Index of /pub4/sourceforge/p/pe/peops/peopscdr/S. CDR

Just download it from the maker and install it. Any ideas on what could make this guide better are welcomed!

Components needed for ePSXe — 2. You must log in or sign up p.e.op.s cdr reply here. My main will is to get the game to be played of the CD seeing.