For the looks is PCI but I’m not quite sure. Problems New chips, new driver releases. There is no support for low resolutions for GX2, so no tests at x and similar. Still with around 15 FPS at x resolution “decelerator” jokes cannot be stopped. It is quite a paradox, the most infamous 3D architecture holding a record in market longevity.

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Virge line was in the market for three years improving much slower than the industry. Introduced in by then graphics powerhouse S3, Inc. Was it not very popular back then?

But I have to wonder why couldn’t company like S3 do much much better. The architecture with all its weaknesses lived on for much longer in Trio 3D.

86E357 / S3 Virge Gx2 / Integrated Circuit

This site hosts no abandonware. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And that newer MX driver managed to run the game a lot faster at expense of more funny bugs. Rebranded and reclassified into “business accelerator” Virtual Reality Graphics Engine stayed with us under virg/gx2 new name for few more years, polluting AGP slots of many unhappy gamers.

View complete Virge series results.

Last Drivers  AIR-MPI350 DRIVER

I have some doubts whether the toolkit was really updated for last Virge. Maxtor Fireball Plus 8 40g,rpm,2mb cache Os: Looks like support for rectangular textures was added as well. It progressed from to from feature rich but slow card to feature poor and very slow card. Sadly, these AGP Virges produces artifacts in s3d Terminal Velocity despite being supported through latest virge/g2 toolkit.

The Virge Series

I quickly tried to port this driver to GX2 with no success, so I stuck with older for the top dog. Even so GX2 stays quite cold just like other members of the family.

There I was hoping disabling lightmaps will make Shogo run more or less properly, but after running few times through smoke screens gun texture is dropped. Or should we go with Windows 95 directly. This page was last edited on 10 January virgegx2, at It was not so popular because other 3D cards were far more powerful at the time GX2 came out. Retrieved from ” https: But we finally got to speeds where we hit fps cap or vsync anyway.

They 3s very popular with gamers,becouse they were slow. I personally cannot be so sarcastic about Virge, there is lots of effort behind every chip. I mean while first Virge is so slow, it was born in time of little standards, mild competition and unclear future of the whole 3D accelerator industry. The ViRGE family delivered faster Windows acceleration in the same physical footprint as its predecessor.


From the results it seems S3 finally bumped the clock from lazy 55 MHz into sixties, and memory is just 1 MHz short of With the “oversized texture without sufficient mipmaps” error finally solved, Virge does its usual quirks here too. And, despite its lackluster 3D-speed, the ViRGE did receive some S3D enhanced games, due in large part to the brand prestige S3 carried in this period: Exhausting list of alpha blending artifacts remains almost the same, but I noticed for example screen flashes in Lands of Lore 2 are fixed.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Voodoo 3 16MB Sound: Memory is ticking at 83 MHz and chip seems to be set to usual 55 MHz.

Problems New chips, new driver releases. z3

Also, if anyone needs it here is a “super uni driver”.